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Lav Gupta

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Who are we?

Levit8 Co. is a team of three passionate Industrial Designers based in Singapore. We’re geeks and dreamers who love to observe daily life, imagine new worlds and develop fun and functional solutions for people on the go. With 6 years of industry experience, our backgrounds range from Experience to Interaction Design, Product Engineering to Marketing.

The LEVIT8 Story – be part of it!

We went through numerous rounds of rigorous ideation, prototyping and iterations based on feedback from the local community, before chancing upon this age-old folding technique- the box-spiral fold. And who knew the solution could surface from origami? It resulted in something that was stable, easily collapsible and beautiful, through a single loop of 8 triangular panels.

Following material selection, we moved on to fine-tune every last detail. Inspired by the level of craftsmanship, durability and timelessness of the bookbinding technique, we sought help from local bookbinding experts and local crafters experienced in fabric, we crafted the our LEVIT8 right here in our school’s “basement”. What was surprising was how versatile it was as people suggested using it for storage (eg. magazines, charges, scarves), as a decorative item and to prop up other things like Launchpads for DJs!

Refund:- Standard Refund with 10 days in case the package is damaged on receipt.

1. Standard products (pre-order now)
These products are in the funding phase, which means that they do not have sufficient funds yet to cover the manufacturing cost.
There is however no need for despair, as if that is the case you will not loose your pledge: you will instead be given store credit for the amount of your pledge. This way you do not have to be concerned about loosing your money: we guarantee that you will receive a product in return!
On receiving the product , if there are manufacturing defect the product can refunded against your money.


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