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  • Air purifier & Table lamp

    xdoor Mini Fan is designed as an air purifier and table lamp in one. It provides two modes, for air purification as well as for light. It will freshen up your room with its multifunctional and unique design.

  • Like a bladeless fan

    The working principle of air purification is similar to that of a bladeless fan. In silent purification mode, its volume is less than 40 decibels. While in fast purification mode, the volume of air processed is up to 50 m³/h.

  • Air purification: negative ions + three-layer filter

    Its high air purification rate is guaranteed by the use of negative ions and a three-layered filter. This filter contains a cold catalyst, activated carbon and a HEPA high-efficiency filter.

  • Soft and gentle light

    It also is a great fluorescent lamp and atmosphere light for in your household. It will not flicker and barely generate any heat. Its bright light has a color temperature of either 2800 or 4000K.

  • Switch the lights with one button

    The light has two modes: 4000K of daylight color, and 2800K of warm light. Transform between a great fluorescent lamp and an atmosphere light with the push of a button.

  • Switch in just a slightly touch

    By just slightly touching the button, you can switch between the four different modes.

  • Simple design

    The xdoor Mini Fan uses simple and elegant lines to create a pleasing overall appearance.


  • We are designers from Guangdong. We design for a better daily experience. What we do is to provide a comfortable and healthy life style, and we always want to influence people by the very simple and brillant ideas.

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